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This blog is about my experience interning with here technologies for the last two months.

Internship is a students first experience is to know the world , how it works and how a office space is managed and teaches us about time management and responsibility . As people say hardwork is stepping stone of success , in the same for a student Internships are the stepping stones of a student’s career.


HERE is a global leader in the mapping and location intelligence business. Rooted in almost three decades of experience in cartography, with a vision to offer the world’s best maps and location experiences across multiple screens and operating systems. To help people navigate their lives with ease and confidence every day and everywhere. This gives people a better and deeper sense of location that would be essential to living a modern urbanized life. It is majority-owned by a consortium of German automotive companies.

HERE is a cloud-based maps service, helping find interesting places to go, with an increased focus on community-driven content. We can create collections of places we have been and share them with others, explore interesting places around us with the click of a button, and even create our own maps, helping HERE to mark places of note and new roads on its maps.



We were asked to create 1200 kms of road individually in the course of two months.


It was really going all well during the first few days as it was easy to find missing links in the place i stay then later in was getting harder to find roads which are not marked before . Then in due course of time slowly i was able to complete the given job in the time frame .

i would really like to thank the Bennett University’s placement commitee for giving me this opportunity to work with HERE TECHNOLOGIES.