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This Blog is about the final year internship at Fintroops Fintech Solutions pvt. limited,This about how was my experience as an intern at the organization and things I have learnt and what was my goal to achieve and the final outcome of our project.

Let’s talk about the reason why…

Hello there! have you ever imagined how that experts give an opinion how people want something and whose side they’re going to vote in an election and etc. So, Let me tell you how it works and what our project actually does.

So, sentimental analysis is done to know that…

This blog is about my experience interning with here technologies for the last two months.

Internship is a students first experience is to know the world , how it works and how a office space is managed and teaches us about time management and responsibility . …

So, in todays world after the corona virus pandemic everyone is panicked about his or her future and safety because we don’t know when will the cure for this will be discovered and we can go back to living the life we used to live but Iam pretty sure the…

The data is related with the survey which was taken in the state of AP.It is to determine number of people who are suffering with liver complications in respective to their age and gender

You can download dataset with this link

First, We need to import some modules

Bijin Rao

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